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 Power LED Spot Light
 Security Fittings
  Wall Ceiling  Mount Sensor
  Standalone outdoor sensor
  Fixture Sensor For Lamp
 Infrared Sensor Lamp
 Infrared Night Lamp
 Light-Control Switch
 Wireless Doorbell
 Sensor Alarm
 Smoke Alarm
 Gas Alarm
 Rechargeable Flood Light
 LED Flood Light 
 Portable LED Flood Light
 LED Mining Light
 LED Emergency Light
 LED Tube&Bracket Light
 LED Street Light
Microwave sensor

 Power LED Spot Light

Infrared sensor switch
LED Lighting
Infrared sensor lamp
Light-control switch
Wireless doorbell
Sensor alarm
Somke alarm
Gas alarm
We specialize in producing electronic products. Our quality products include Wireless security system, PIR sensor switch, sensor lamp, wireless doorbell, smoke alarm, gas alarm, heat alarm, LED lamp, Power LED lamp and etc.
We have an excellent and professional teamwork, modern production line, provided enough guarantee on resource and quality for the rapid growing and strengthening. Now our products are well sold in Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia, with more extensive popularity in domestic market. Your joining and cooperation is welcome


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